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Parfum Nostalgique

Parfum Nostalgique
StatusIn development
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Parfum Nostalgique is a kinetic visual novel that details a small but eventful window of time in the life of 265 year old vampire. A therapist by day and a dom by night, Valdemar Andressen is a true eccentric, whose sustained sanity can be attributed to his comfortable city lifestyle and constant drunkenness on the feelings of humans around him.

A story of friendship, tragedy, and unconditional love that explores the conflict between moral personhood and the human necessity of wearing different masks, Parfum Nostalgique is a coming of age for those who have already come of age, or what some would call a “midlife crisis,” told from the point of view of an immortal man who hasn’t stopped living like a single man in his 30s for over 2 centuries.



English (3)
2022-09-28Parfum Nostalgique - Demo
2023-02-19Parfum Nostalgique - Act 1
2024-02-13Parfum Nostalgique - Act 2

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