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Heaven -Death Game-

TitleHeaven -Death Game-
DeveloperM na Red
PublishersM na Red
Happy Factory
Shops» JP¥ 2900 @ DLsite


The southern island of Eden. It was an island worthy of being called the last paradise on earth. 20 visitors have been invited to the island to see the beautiful nature on the island. They were invited as planning "monitors" of a major travel agency. "There is a groundbreaking plan that breaks down the existing tour. Enjoy the unprecedented survival game."

They though it was an epoch-making invitation to "attraction". But in fact it was just a invitation to the Death Game. The game starts the moment they land on the island without knowing anything about it. The only rule is to survive. To do that, you must keep killing. The only one who can leave this island is the last one...

The sterling silver sandy beach is stained with blood and the darkness resonates... Why were they chosen as "monitors?" What about the shadow company that invited them? And what is the true purpose of this game? Only the winner of the game...the survivor...can reach the truth...

[Translated and edited from M na Red's Product Page]

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