Metamoru Angel Nanami


TitleMetamoru Angel Nanami
Original titleメタモルエンジェル菜々美
Publishers Patisserie


Makio, the main character of this game is a pervert, and every girl he knows hates him. However, the school idol suddenly tells him that she loves him, and they have sex. After sex, she transforms to a monster, and attacks him. At that moment, a magical girl appears and somehow he is saved from the monster. Makio falls in love with the girl on the spot, but she turns out to be his childhood friend Nanami. After twists and turns, Makio starts to fight against "Neet" with Nanami without knowing he is involved in a serious situation....

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2006-12-2218+  Metamoru Angel NanamiFully voicedStory: No animationsEro: No animationsNon-freeCommercial800x6001 CD  
2009-10-0918+  Metamoru Angel Nanami - Download EditionFully voicedStory: No animationsEro: No animationsNon-freeCommercial800x600Internet download  


Character summary

Main character Kisaragi Nanami
Voiced by Kusunoki Suzune
Side characterHyakutake
Voiced by Kisaragi Aoi
Side character Jessica Coleman
Side character Kagari Azusa
Side character Kaori
Side character Mutsuki Yayoi
Voiced by Isshiki Hikaru
Side character Nagisa Rena
Side character Rin
Side character Takase Saori
Side character Uzuki Haruka
Voiced by Enokizu Mao

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