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Flickering Light

Flickering LightSafe / Tame (14)
Flickering Light
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperKristi Jimenez
PublishersKristi Jimenez


There exists a world outside of our own called the Spirit Realm. In the Spirit Realm, spirits live freely, just like how humans do. However, there are six key figures that maintain harmony and life across both the Human World and in the Spirit Realm: the Elemental Avatars. These Elemental Avatars are in charge of the different elements that help keep life going—earth, fire, light, life, water, and wind.

To show appreciation to the Elemental Avatars, a festival is held every year in both the Human World and in the Spirit Realm. Where in the Human World humans must show gratitude to the Avatars by giving them gifts and praying at their shrines, spirits and the Avatars enjoy a day of festivities.

However, everything comes to a halt when the Light Avatar— Lumen—disappears. Due to her disappearance, light is also disappearing. If Lumen isn't found in time, sunlight will disappear, encasing the Human World and Spirit Realm in darkness. It's up to the other Avatars, her closest friends, to find her and help her. Will they be able to save their precious friend in time?



English (1)
2022-10-31Flickering Light (drm-free)


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CirrusMain character
KayaMain character
LochMain character
LumenMain character
GaiaSide character
NeptisSide character

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Flickering Light

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