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Sen'untei no Aru Fuukei


TitleSen'untei no Aru Fuukei
Original title潜雲艇のある風景
Aliases-Landscape with Deep Cloud Boat-
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperGreen Tea Milk
PublishersGreen Tea Milk


Albinia continent floats between the endless upper sky and a bottomless lower sky with the power of spirit stone.
Kingdom Hybernia has declared truce with neighboring country.

After finishing report at headquarters main character sets out on a short journey back to the station with his buddy artificial fairy. He takes a shortcut and appears at the border where he sees enemy destroyer. At the same time he notices a building in the clouds. And over there there is a person...

[From vndbreview]

A world where the sky spreads endlessly above and below. The night approaches from the sky below, and the morning light comes down from the sky above, and people live on the continent Albinia which floats between them. There is a "submarine" that can dive through the high pressure of clouds. In this sea of adventure travel Lieutenant Winona "Winno" Kitchen and her partner the artificial fairy.


2007-12-31Sen'untei no Aru Fuukei


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Sen'untei no Aru Fuukei

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