Original titleイマージュ
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperSoftware House Parsley
Publishers Software House Parsley
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Image 2


"Image" consists of three short episodes; each episode, in its turn, contains two different scenarios. The two scenarios within each episode are similar to each other, featuring the same main female character, and sharing many of the scenes (mostly of sexual nature); however, the identity of the protagonist, the circumstances leading to the development of the story, the dialogue, and the commands required to choose in order to complete the scenario are different.

All the three episodes are rather minimalistic, featuring only the protagonist and the female character; the object is always to have sex with the latter. The first episode introduces a girl from the tennis club, the protagonist being either an older boy or a younger classmate. The second revolves around a female high school student who stays in the school after classes; the protagonist can be a male classmate or a male teacher. Finally, the third episode is dedicated to the lovely school nurse, with the protagonist taking two alternate routes to win her graces.

[From Moby Games]


1992-07-1018+  Image  
1992-07-1018+   Image
1992-10-0918+  Image  
1992-10-0918+  Image  
1994-05-1318+  Image  

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