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Fru Sems valg

Fru Sems valg
The Widow's Boutique
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Step into a small town society of the 1820s in this historically accurate visual novel, filled with drama, dresses and danger!

You are Mrs. Sem, recently widowed and back on the social scene of Christiania (today Oslo), a small town like any other on the outskirts of Europe in the 1820s. Making your way back into society you can explore exciting locations and meet the people in town!

Go to balls, concerts and socialize. You gain social standing through your interactions with the romantic interests and the people you meet in town. Go on dates and promenades, and maybe you'll even find a proposal or two in your mail. Remember to hold your friends close but your enemies closer...

Having inherited a drapery business from your late husband, you must maneuver prejudice as well as the challenging economic times. This is where you earn money by providing expert advice to your costumers on textiles, fashion and sewing techniques. Will you import goods legally or do you choose to smuggle? And are you woman enough to face the consequences of your choices?

[From Steam]