Edit history of Zaishuu -The SiN-

v3994.112017-08-15 at 20:06shinnewZaishuu -The SiN-Release title does not need to be added to aliases.
v3994.102015-07-12 at 12:41dx5536Zaishuu -The SiN-add vocal
v3994.92015-02-11 at 12:54beliarZaishuu -The SiN-cast/staff
v3994.82012-07-03 at 08:46nargrakhanZaishuu -The SiN-Added the MangaGamer name for it.
v3994.72011-12-23 at 12:07day-elvenZaishuu -The SiN-Marked NSFW screenshot
v3994.62011-05-23 at 06:51novaZaishuu -The SiN-miss Length
v3994.52011-03-19 at 21:18ivxxxZaishuu -The SiN-forgot NSFW
v3994.42011-03-19 at 21:18ivxxxZaishuu -The SiN-Screenshots
v3994.32010-08-06 at 14:16claymoreZaishuu -The SiN-The image is marked as NSFW
v3994.22010-04-26 at 17:02izmosmolnarZaishuu -The SiN-story, namecorrection
v3994.12010-04-26 at 16:59izmosmolnarTsumishuu -The SiN-Added the game mangogamer might actually consider/be translating. See link