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HimeKiss ~KISS no Ato no Naisho no Himegoto~

ヒメキス ~KISSのあとの内緒の秘め事~

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HimeKiss ~KISS no Ato no Naisho no Himegoto~Explicit / Tame (14)
ヒメキス ~KISSのあとの内緒の秘め事~
HimeKiss ~KISS no Ato no Naisho no Himegoto~
AliasesHimeKiss - Things done in secret after that first kiss...
Play timeVery short (40m from 1 votes)
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"After the first kiss, going a little further..."
This is a story of all the secret naughty things done in private with the four heroines of "Kim*Kiss"... Go ahead and enjoy these CG scenarios filled to the brim with sexy situations!

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