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v4.702019-01-20 at 14:45multiClannadReverse relation update caused by revision v25142.1
v4.692018-07-08 at 16:03multiClannadReverse relation update caused by revision v23354.1
v4.682017-06-22 at 05:14wakaranaiClannadoriginal title is right on the cover, in latin script Reverted to revision v4.66
v4.672017-06-22 at 02:27kotaClannadUpdate original title and aliase
v4.662017-03-25 at 01:29multiClannadReverse relation update caused by revision v21002.6
v4.652016-09-23 at 19:18varioClannadstaff
v4.642016-09-11 at 07:30multiClannadReverse relation update caused by revision v869.6
v4.632016-03-11 at 06:06novellaClannadEdited for clarification.
v4.622016-03-11 at 00:23novellaClannadAdded staff.
v4.612015-11-24 at 08:48dekachinClannadgrammar
v4.602015-11-01 at 01:19varioClannad+1 and staff notes
v4.592015-05-11 at 01:48nimunimu-kunClannad*Description.
v4.582015-05-11 at 01:42nimunimu-kunClannadReplacing the actual description with a better one.
v4.572015-04-18 at 04:19aexisClannadHigher resolution and cleaner cover
v4.562015-03-13 at 19:09berunkaClannadAdded VA
v4.552015-02-27 at 01:32multiClannadReverse relation update caused by revision v16901.1
v4.542015-02-20 at 00:28bless3201ClannadCasy
v4.532015-02-16 at 20:12harunaClannadcast
v4.522015-02-16 at 17:35harunaClannadstaff
v4.512015-02-11 at 13:37traumatizerClannad+4
v4.502015-02-02 at 11:20harunaClannadcast
v4.492015-02-01 at 13:59harunaClannadTomoya is only voiced on a bonus DVD that came with the PS2 version not in the game itself
v4.482015-02-01 at 12:42wakaranaiClannaddon't add cast not related to VN releases please.
v4.472015-02-01 at 11:54bless3201ClannadWhat i get from wiki
v4.462015-02-01 at 03:32berunkaClannadAdded staff
v4.452015-01-30 at 22:19harunaClannadcast
v4.442015-01-30 at 21:45harunaClannadcast
v4.432015-01-30 at 21:43harunaClannadcast
v4.422015-01-30 at 20:59berunkaClannadAdded cast
v4.412015-01-30 at 18:12harunaClannadstaff
v4.402015-01-29 at 11:58harunaClannadcorrected some typos
v4.392015-01-29 at 11:57st0nehengeClannadclarified the routes Maeda Jun wrote
v4.382015-01-29 at 10:59harunaClannadadded cast
v4.372015-01-29 at 10:53harunaClannadAdded staff
v4.362015-01-29 at 07:53yorhelClannadNo reason for this to be locked.
v4.352012-08-19 at 18:26multiClannadReverse relation update caused by revision v11057.1
v4.342012-08-02 at 17:57immlffClannadReverted to revision v4.32 Do not replace already present screenshots with different language ones; linked eng screens to the correct release; locked
v4.332012-07-21 at 20:13canekClannadSome screenshots from the russian release.
v4.322012-03-26 at 21:20multiClannadReverse relation update caused by revision v10058.1
v4.312011-11-04 at 18:13multiClannadReverse relation update caused by revision v8324.1
v4.302011-09-22 at 17:52multiClannadReverse relation update caused by revision v7983.1
v4.292010-11-28 at 22:14atlantimaClannadkatakana alias
v4.282010-11-28 at 22:07multiClannadReverse relation update caused by revision v5698.1
v4.272010-10-06 at 18:39blackirisClannadReverted to revision v4.25
v4.262010-10-06 at 04:49minhhuywikiClannadtake new screenshots
v4.252010-08-28 at 14:08blackirisClannadReverting to previous rev. Too many CGs
v4.242010-08-28 at 13:33ibukitomoyaClannad^~^'
v4.232010-06-23 at 11:18eyelessClannadReverted to revision v4.21 These screenshots are from english patched game
v4.222010-06-23 at 00:25ibukitomoyaClannad............
v4.212010-05-12 at 05:14multiClannadReverse relation update caused by revision v4060.1