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Inshoku no Kouketsu Oujo ~Kedakaki Kokoro o Kudake!~


TitleInshoku no Kouketsu Oujo ~Kedakaki Kokoro o Kudake!~
Original title淫触の高潔王女~気高き心を砕け!~
AliasesThe Graceful Queen of Lust Tentacles -Smash Her Noble Soul!-
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperAme no Murakumo
PublishersAme no Murakumo


"Our enemies of the West are attacking!"
The news was delivered breathlessly to Queen Yuria, who saw a chance to be rid of crown prince Zairu. She appointed him captain of the guard and sent him to defend the borderland. As expected, a vicious attack came, and Zairu was unprepared.

His final moments were filled with hatred for the woman who had sent him to his death, and at that moment a figure appeared.

"Would you sign away your soul for a chance to live again?"

Yes. Yes. To live and take revenge on Yuria, he forged a contract.

Zairu gathered his army and slayed the attacking forces in an instant. He then marched home--a march of war--and stormed the castle, capturing Yuria.

"Your body will atone for your deviousness," he said venomously.
And the tentacles began to creep.

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