Ao no Juuai


TitleAo no Juuai
Original title青の獣愛
AliasesAo no Kemono Ai
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers GuiltyN


Kasumi that grows up without wanting for anything as Miss in shop of old standing japanese-style confection shop in Kyoto. Usually everyone if walking inside the campus by a glossy black hair and rose lip and the neat behavior. at the time of be done even turning around and worshipHowever, it tore up it tragically with beasts' fingernails. Kasumi that is cheated by Iba and Furuya thought that it is friend until it is and the moment until yesterday and confined. The inside of Kasumi is gradually changed every day into which it is pulled apart from lover's Muromachi, and the semen that becomes cloudy in the body is soaked. It is not possible to subdue one's bodily desires, and even lover's presence finally makes the school bathing suit dig into, and swallows men's Nicbou to the interior of the throat.

[From Eroge Shop]