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Demon Detangled: Horror at the Homecoming Dance

Demon Detangled: Horror at the Homecoming Dance
AliasesDemonVN, Demon Detangled
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown


All Mordred has ever wanted is to become a demon - and, it seems that stealing the powers of one hiding by his new high school is the best chance he has to do it. When a miscalculation binds them together in front of his demon-hunting classmate, however, Mordred must work quickly to fulfill his lifelong obsession before reinforcements from the local church can arrive.  

A second demon lurking at his school’s Homecoming dance offers the perfect solution to his problems… but to capture it, Mordred will have to deal with something a million times worse: the annoying social lives of his human classmates.

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TBADemon Detangled: Horror at the Homecoming Dance

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