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Withering Flowers

Withering FlowersSafe / Tame (14)
Withering Flowers
Withering Flowers
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown


In a world of spellcasters and sorcerers, Shira, a magical prodigy, made a bold choice that engendered dislike in her family - and dropped out of school to live with her girlfriend Laren. Her life seemed like a paradise, until the day her beloved suddenly asked for them to breakup, without an explanation. As if that weren't bad enough, she was immediately afflicted with a terrible illness that left her comatose.

Without a second thought, Shira sets out on a journey deep into the heart of the forest in search of her mysterious teacher Loic - and her estranged sister, the tyrant of flames. Along the way, she will be able to count on the help of her dear but cowardly friend Luka, as well as a powerful and daring rival named Jareth. Her goal is to find answers, a cure for Laren, and if possible, a way to mend their relationship in the process.



English (2)
2022-12-08Withering Flowers - Demo
TBAWithering Flowers
Portuguese (Brazil) (2)
2022-12-08Withering Flowers - Demo
TBAWithering Flowers

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