Master Of Erotology ~Sakiccho ga Seiippai~

Master Of Erotology ~先っちょが精イッパイ~

TitleMaster Of Erotology ~Sakiccho ga Seiippai~
Original titleMaster Of Erotology ~先っちょが精イッパイ~
AliasesMaster Of Erotology - bell-end is all I can do -
Publishers Softhouse-Seal


In accordance with his last will and testament, Chiaki's father leaves his entire fortune to Chiaki, his one and only son, and in just one day Chiaki becomes the very rich owner of a mansion.
And just what will become of his life and the lives of the maids he meets who are still in mid-development... ?

* A perverted life together with the new maids*
Train the maid of your choice in all sorts of perverted ways, tutoring her in service and punishment alike!

* Multi-ending System*
Enjoy our multi-ending system, where the outcomes of the story change as a direct result of your actions!

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Arakawa Chiaki荒川 千秋 
Role, Wealthy

Main characters