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Deus Parasite

Deus Parasite
StatusIn development
Play timeShort (2 - 10 hours)


Erin is a young woman who is kidnapped after she was walking home from a long shift at her job.

She wakes up in what seems to be an abandoned hospital along with a group of other people, but things start to escalate as strange creatures start to rise and hunt every living person in their vicinity.

As she tries to escape she will meet two men that seem to be in the same predicament as her, so they decide to form an alliance in order to survive. a visual novel game in which you become Erin, a woman who has been kidnapped and brought to an abandoned hospital along with 5 other people.

You soon notice that things are not what they seem and there are many horrible secrets surrounding this place.

For what purpose were you brought here, and just who are these two mysterious men?

Unravel the horrors of the Santa Mariana hospital!

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English (1)
202312+Deus Parasite - Demo


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        AtlasMain character
        CronusMain character
        AlexisSide character
        CeliaSide character
        EliasSide character
        RomanSide character
        StefanSide character

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        Deus Parasite - Demo

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