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v4102.272016-08-03 at 16:40jazz957Summer Radish Vacation!! 2Reverted to revision v4102.25 uhh... sister princess was made by stack software, which owns overflow who made this game. also your reasoning isn't
v4102.262016-08-03 at 16:01strawhat1987Summer Radish Vacation!! 2Sister Princess is owned by MediaWorks, they would never allow one of their characters to be in an adult game, the character Rin in this title is a
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v4102.182014-10-26 at 19:37caio000Summer Radish Vacation!! 2It's kind of redundant to have the three games listed since it is the same character and Sayura appearing on SRV2 it is as if she were the Sayura
v4102.172014-08-31 at 19:05caio000Summer Radish Vacation!! 2is not official that Rin is Rinrin
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v4102.122014-07-05 at 19:56tyciolSummer Radish Vacation!! 2if we can't establish a timeline we can at least acknowledge that Rin Inoue in SRV2 is clearly indicated as Rinrin, not to mention other cameos.
v4102.112014-07-03 at 16:17multiSummer Radish Vacation!! 2Reverse relation update caused by revision v5716.6
v4102.102014-07-03 at 04:55caio000Summer Radish Vacation!! 2precipitate
v4102.92014-07-03 at 03:15tyciolSummer Radish Vacation!! 2rin is in both
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v4102.72014-06-12 at 19:13luisffantoniSummer Radish Vacation!! 2Not prequel.
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