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Can Fes! ~Itazura Majo to Naisho no Gakuensai~


TitleCan Fes! ~Itazura Majo to Naisho no Gakuensai~
Original titleきゃん☆フェス!~いたずら魔女とナイショの学園祭~
DeveloperPumpkin Soft
PublishersPumpkin Soft


When the protagonist was small, he took care of a lost witch who would not show her anger even if she was teased. She didn”t talk much, but occasionally said “If I get my powers back…” One day she disappeared. Ten years later, the witch Prim comes back and declares that he will now be her servant!

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

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Kuroe Jin黒江 仁
RoleTenth Grader

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