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Kami ☆ Tama ~Kami-sama no Tamago~


TitleKami ☆ Tama ~Kami-sama no Tamago~
Original titleカミ☆たま-神様のたまご-
PublishersAn*tique & Technical Staff
Shops» JP¥ 2724 @ DLsite (jpn)


Main character manages a coffee shop after his parents' death. One day he finds an old shrine that he used to play as a child. He hears a voice there that promises to make one his wish come true, but can not say a word in response. The next day two girls come to his place to fulfill his wishes as their fate depends on it. Their communal begins. Soon a strange little girl with dark hair approaches the door with ominous intentions...

[From vndbreview]

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