Yasou Bunkasai


Yasou Bunkasai
TitleYasou Bunkasai
Original title夜想文化祭
Publishers Peach


Main character is forced to be in cultural festival executive commission in his new school. In such position girls who rely on protagonist show up. Can he meet their expectations and bring the festival to a success? At the same time a suspicious person tempts protagonist every night. Is her true intention to corrupt him? What choices will he make?

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2001-03-2318+  Yasou BunkasaiNon-freeCommercial640x4802 CDs 2 


Character summary

Main character Mano Ayumi
Voiced by Shizuno Momoka
Main character Nightie
Main character Okada Tomoyo
Voiced by Fukai Haruka
Main character Saijou Sonoko
Voiced by Serizono Miya
Main character Sawaki Ryouko
Main character Someya Mayumi
Main character Uehara Kasumi
Voiced by Kisaragi Mikoto

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