Cobra II: Densetsu no Otoko

コブラII―伝説の男― 寺沢武

Cobra II: Densetsu no Otoko
TitleCobra II: Densetsu no Otoko
Original titleコブラII―伝説の男― 寺沢武
AliasesThe Space Adventure - Cobra: The Legendary Bandit
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperHudson Soft
Publishers Hudson Soft
 Hudson Soft & Virgin Interactive
Cobra: Kokuryuuou no Densetsu
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"The Space Adventure" is known in Japan as "Cobra II: Densetsu no Otoko", the second game dedicated to the adventures of the renegade space pirate Cobra. The game is based on original manga and TV series by Buichi Terasawa.

While waiting in a bar for his partner, Cobra encounters a beautiful bounty hunter named Jane. Very soon he realizes that the bounty Jane has been hunting for is his own head, for which the Galaxy Patrol has put quite a reward. But everything changes when Crystal Boy, the head of the Pirate Guild and Cobra's archenemy, appears on the scene. Jane's father had apparently hidden a great treasure, encoding its location in tattoos on the backs of his triplet daughters. Crystal Boy wants this treasure, and is going after Jane and her sisters. Cobra and Jane decide to join forces in order to find Jane's sisters and to undermine Crystal Boy's plans.

The game is a Japanese-style adventure. You advance in the game by choosing various commands ("Look", "Talk", etc.). There are a few places in the game where you can die if you make a wrong decision. In the final location you'll also have to fight enemies turn-based style. The game features a large number of animated cut scenes as well as voice-overs for many dialogues.

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Hair, Blond, Mullet
Eyes, Blue
Items, Cigar, Handgun, Musical Instrument
Role, Pirate
Engages in, Fighting, Smoking
Subject of, Prosthesis
Voiced byDoug Stone (English)
Yamada Yasuo (Japanese)


Cobra is a rogue pirate with a bounty on his head. His signature weapon is the Psychogun, which replaces his left hand.

Main characters

Armaroid Lady
Armaroid Ladyアーマロイド・レディ 
Eyes, Amber
Body, Unnatural Skin Tone
Role, Cyborg, Pilot
Voiced byCarrie Gordon (English)
Ishikawa Etsuko (Japanese)


Armaroid Lady is Cobra's long-time partner and is the serious half of the duo. Lady is a top-class Armaroid—a mechanical cyborg—derived from advanced technology recovered from an ancient, lost civilization on Mars . When Cobra is away on an adventure, Lady supports Cobra by piloting their spaceship, the Turtle.

Crystal Boy
Crystal Boyクリスタル ボーイ 
Body, Claw, Unnatural Skin Tone
Role, Antagonist, Cyborg, Pirate, Villain
Voiced byGenda Tesshou (Japanese)
Jeff Winkless (English)


Crystal Boy is a humanoid cyborg with a golden skeleton and a body made from indestructible, polarizing glass. Crystal Boy's signature weapon is a claw which he can attach to his right hand.

Jane Royal
Jane Royalジェーン・ロイヤル 
Hair, Blond
Eyes, Blue
Body, Tattoo
Items, Handgun
Role, Bounty Hunter, Full Sister
Subject of, Death
Voiced byEdie Mirman (English)
Katsuki Masako (Japanese)


Jane Royal is the first of the triplet daughters of Captain Nelson that Cobra meets. Each sister has a unique tattoo on her back which, once assembled in a chromatic sequence, form a map leading to hidden gold, diamonds, and the fabled Ultimate Weapon.

Side characters

Dominique Royal
Dominique Royalドミニク・ロイヤル 
Hair, Blond
Eyes, Blue
Body, Tattoo
Role, Full Sister
Subject of, Confinement
Voiced byKomiya Kazue (Japanese)


The third of the triplet sisters.

Dr. Light
Dr. Lightライト 博士 
Hair, Blond, Shoulder-length
Body, Unnatural Skin Tone
Role, Scientist
Voiced bySaikachi Ryuuji (Japanese)


A self-professed genius in the fields of medicine, science and archaeology.

Kathy Royal
Kathy Royalキャシー・ロイヤル 
Hair, Green
Body, Tattoo
Role, Full Sister
Subject of, Confinement, Death
Voiced byMaruyama Manami (Japanese)


Kathy Royal is the second of the triplets whom Cobra meets.

Clothes, Peaked Cap
Role, Antagonist, Pirate, Villain
Engages in, Confinement


Shultz is a warden of the flying prison and one of the 12 members of the Pirate Guild's Supreme Council.

Hair, Beard, Black
Role, Antagonist, Pirate, Priest, Villain
Engages in, Confinement, Kidnapping
Voiced bySogabe Kazuyuki (Japanese)


A priest in the cathedral on the planet Neon Big Bird.

<hidden by spoiler settings>In reality he is one of the 12 members of the Pirate Guild's Supreme Council

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Bill Sullivan
Bill Sullivanサリバン 
Hair, Beard
Clothes, Hoodie
Items, Shotgun
Voiced byJinnai Tatsuyuki (Japanese)


Sullivan is the designer of the flying prison. He currently lives as a hermit in the Northern Desert.

Hair, Green
Body, Unnatural Skin Tone
Role, Antagonist
Engages in, Shapeshifting
Voiced byNoguchi Emi (Japanese)


A member of the desert bandits.