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True Colours

True ColoursSafe / Tame (14)
2 covers
True Colours
Play timeUnknown
PublishersBorealis & Eastasiasoft


Tired of the same old daily routine? Our protagonist knows that feel all too well. Working a boring office job and living alone, life is starting to feel like a merry-go-round that's had a few too many spins... until today!

When three new hires join the team, a sudden burst of excitement arrives! They're cute (oh no, he's hot!), they're single (it helps) and they're ready for romance! Get to know your new trainees, go on dates, and learn their innermost secrets! But what will you find once you dive deep? Will you like what you see underneath? Who can be trusted? How will you feel once you see their... True Colours?

[From Steam]


English (5)
2023-02-03True Colours - Demo
2023-10-04True Colours
2024-07-10True Colours - A Date With Deception
2024-07-1017+True Colours - A Date With Deception
2024-07-10True Colours - A Date With Deception

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True Colours

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