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Rapscallions On Deck!

Rapscallions On Deck!
AliasesRapscallions On Deck - A Friendship Otome, Rapscallions On Deck! - Otome
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Mistaking Larsa for a boy, four pirates kidnap her because they’re in desperate need of a swabbie. And that’s how Larsa finds herself on board a pirate ship in the middle of the ocean... As she grows closer to her crewmates, she realizes that they aren't bad or dangerous people despite being pirates, they are just mischievous rascals. Will Larsa be able to bond with these pirates as she sails the seas and goes on adventures with them?

[From Steam]


English (2)
2023-01-19Rapscallions On Deck!
2023-01-19Rapscallions On Deck!


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              JunMain character
              KagiMain character
              MilosMain character
              OttoMain character

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