Mofu x Mokyu ~Goshujin-sama no Osewa Shimasu~


Mofu x Mokyu ~Goshujin-sama no Osewa Shimasu~
TitleMofu x Mokyu ~Goshujin-sama no Osewa Shimasu~
Original titleもふ×もきゅ~ご主人様のお世話します~
Publishers Witch


Main character comes to Tokyo and manages to enter a university. His parents want to see him back, so they cut the funding. Protagonist is desperate to find a part time job when a girl in maid outfit jumps out before him. She calls him "master" and claims that she comes from future to take care of him.

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2004-05-2818+  Mofu x Mokyu ~Goshujin-sama no Osewa Shimasu~Non-freeCommercial800x6001 CD  


Character summary

Protagonist Kudou Kyouhei
Main character Hirasaka Aoi
Voiced by Kanzaki Kanari
Main character Lucy Alex
Voiced by Kodama Satomi
Main character Ninomiya Shouko
Voiced by Oono Marina
Main character Yamamoto Misaki
Voiced by Sawa Yuri

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  Mofu x Mokyu ~Goshujin-sama no Osewa Shimasu~

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