Okaerinasaimase ☆ Goshujin-sama ♪


Okaerinasaimase ☆ Goshujin-sama ♪
TitleOkaerinasaimase ☆ Goshujin-sama ♪
Original titleお帰りなさいませ☆ご主人様♪
Publishers Undel


Erotic adventure game at a secret maid cafeteria in Akihabara called "Rokumeikan". All the erotic scenes are done with wearing cloths. There is a maid cafeteria located in Akihabara called "Rokumeikan". Many customers come to the cafeteria every day even though new customers need introducers to come in. Kurata's aunt is concerned about the situation of the cafeteria where maids hold court with customers. She decides to hire Kurata to teach the maids what "Moe" is. But they never listen to him and his job is to do a chore at their dormitory. One day, when he is sweeping in front of the cafeteria, a girl talks to him. " I heard that you are recruiting maids...". This meeting is the dawn of....

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