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Yandere Town


Yandere Town
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Yandere men. It has been ten years since they were the talk of the nation.

I still remember it as clear as yesterday when birth rates which had been gradually declining since the 80s became a critical social issue when we entered the new millennium. The government viewed it as a serious social problem, and with the nation at stake they took measures to bring it back from the brink of a crisis.

Did you know phenethylamine, also known as the love hormone, is key to the mechanisms involved in falling in love at first sight?

The hormone which is produced in the pituitary gland was successfully manufactured artificially. After significant improvement, it was developed into a drug and named the "new love hormone". The media reported it as a "nutraceutical that increases chances of finding your genetically compatible match of the opposite sex" and was soon added to all food products circulated in the nation. This human subject research, termed the Millennial Revolution, had become a controversial historical event, but soon after the revolution was enforced birth rates and marriage rates showed sky-rocketing recovery. It was thought we had overcome our crisis…

However, the new love hormone (PEA) was reported to have a number of serious side effects. A certain number of people complained of suffering from insomnia, a symptom consistent with that of love sickness, and a loss of appetite. Those who also suffered from a deterioration in judgement due to damage to a part of the brain are who society refers to as yandere men. We cannot deny that these men, who are gradually becoming a social issue, are too the victims of the revolution.

From an article published in Twisted Disorder Monthly Magazine.

[From Doropyan's blog]


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2020-09-2518+Yandere Town
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Sagawa TakumaMain character
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Azami KimihitoMain character
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One KeiMain character
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