Kura no Naka wa Kiken ga Ippai!?


Kura no Naka wa Kiken ga Ippai!?
TitleKura no Naka wa Kiken ga Ippai!?
Original title蔵の中はキケンがいっぱい!?
DeveloperFairytale Ethix
Publishers F&C Co., Ltd.


Taiki comes back to his hometown during summer holiday. He meets his childhood friends, Kazushi and Yui, and they hang out together almost everyday. A few days later, Aki and Yuuki start to live at Kazushi and Yui's house since their parents have passed away in an accident. They become friends soon, and Taiki gradually falls in love with Yui and Aki. Which girl will become his girlfriend at the end of summer...?

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Role, Childhood Friend