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Kurenai Senki ~Kunoichi Shinobi Ai~

紅戦記 ~くノ一忍び愛~

紅戦記 ~くノ一忍び愛~
Kurenai Senki ~Kunoichi Shinobi Ai~
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Main character is a genius programmer who gets to know from his dying grandfather that their lineage is protected by Shinobu ninja. Moreover, his sweetheart and childhood friend Mizuho turns out to be his bodyguard. Protagonist is anxious to invite the beauty president of the rival company for a dinner, but Mizuho fiercely blocks the attempt. What secrets still remain hidden?

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Japanese (1)
2003-05-2318+Kurenai Senki ~Kunoichi Shinobi Ai~


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Kizaki MidoriMain character
MizuhoMain character
Enjouji HizuruMain character
KayanoMain character
Kazama YurikoMain character
Takahara KasumiMain character

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