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Kairaku ~Haitoku no Tsubasa~

快落 ~背徳の翼~

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Kairaku ~Haitoku no Tsubasa~Suggestive / Tame (14)
快落 ~背徳の翼~
Kairaku ~Haitoku no Tsubasa~
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperLily Bell & rouge
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The world where angels and demons live in constant struggle. Main character is an angel who gets captured by demons turning into a fallen angel getting accustomed to local life flow. One day two more angels get captured - protagonist's older sister and former lover - but he can't recognized them after his memory is erased. He gets a task to taint both girls and train them into fallen angels...

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Japanese (4)
2001-03-2318+Kairaku ~Haitoku no Tsubasa~
2003-08-2818+Kairaku ~Haitoku no Tsubasa~ DVDPG
2005-09-1618+Kairaku ~Haitoku no Tsubasa~ Low Price Edition
2006-04-1418+Kairaku ~Haitoku no Tsubasa~ Download Edition


Full character list

Character summary

KarinMain character
Voiced by AKIRA (seiyuu)
SaujineMain character
Voiced by Tenma Kazune
FilliaMain character
Voiced by Sakurai Shouko
MariaMain character

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