Kamine no Mori


Kamine no Mori
TitleKamine no Mori
Original title神音の森
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"Paranormal Study Group" university club includes two men and three women. They don't have any regulations - just to visit strange places and have fun. This time they investigate a spirit legend in the hot springs resort. The state of the village is strange - it looks like the group witnesses the past of the village. They investigate it to return to the present age, but the village legend starts to reveal itself...

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2002-02-0118+  Kamine no Mori - Trial EditionFreewareCommercial640x480Internet download  
2002-02-2218+  Kamine no MoriNon-freeCommercial640x4801 CD 2 


Character summary

Protagonist Agawa Naoyuki
Main character Makisaka Mayumi
Main character Saionji Yuu
Main character Sumikawa Natsumi
Main character Takasu Ryouko
Main character Ujikawa Ami
Side character Agawa Akihito
Side character Mizusawa Kousuke
Side character Ryouji
Side character Tatsuo

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