Kanaete Ageru ~Fuyu ga Kureta Okurimono~


Kanaete Ageru ~Fuyu ga Kureta Okurimono~
TitleKanaete Ageru ~Fuyu ga Kureta Okurimono~
Original titleかなえてあげる~冬がくれた贈り物~
DeveloperHigh Soft
Publishers High Soft


The protagonist is a university student, a complete bookworm who has been enamorated with reading ever since he was a child.

He was confessed to by his bright and cheerful childhood friend, Shiraishi Yuri, and they became a couple just before highschool graduation. However, even to this day, the two have yet to engage in lewd acts, as Yuri has developed some sort of complex, thanks to her huge breasts.

Ever since he was a middle schooler, he eased his worries and feelings of gloominess by engrossing himself in reading.

Being immersed in that world, he was able to reduce his stress with the power of his imagination. However, as one would expect of one who had just become a university student, such a thing is simply no longer possible.

His accumulating sexual desire. His increasing sexual fantasies. That wasn’t only towards his girlfriend Yuri, but other women as well. However, one day, with the day of Christmas approaching.

A group of women, introducing themselves as Santa Claus, suddenly appeared. “In exchange for helping us, we will make your dreams come true.” And so, taking on a four-year period contract, the protagonist accepts their proposal. Will his sexual fantasies remain in the world of dreams, or else…?

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