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Detective Butler and the King of Hearts

Detective Butler and the King of Hearts
AliasesDetective Butler 2
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperGoldbar Games
PublishersGoldbar Games

Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder


Three years after the events of the Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder, Gilligan Golder was suddenly thrust into the role of CEO at his late father's life insurance company, G.G. Inc. At the same time, Gilligan has been attending classes at the prestigious Diamond University, again only because of his late father's influence.

His company's investors have great expectations for what he will become after graduation. But poor old Gilligan struggles to maintain a decent work-life balance. He used writing to process the trauma of his father's death, and eventually grew to enjoy the hobby. Now he spends most of class writing stories for Butler to solve instead of taking lecture notes.

Speaking of Butler, he works for Gilligan's company as a life insurance fraud investigator. The work is a bit too dull for him, but it pays well enough. He derives more pleasure from solving the mysteries that Gilligan writes for him.

One day, Gilligan and Butler learn about a Detection Club at the university. Both intrigued, they decide to go there and become members themselves.

At the same time, a series of murders have been taking place on the Diamond University campus. Young college-age women are found dead, always with the heart ripped out from a gaping wound. None of the hearts have been found, evidently stolen from the girls by the killer. Thus, the killer has been nicknamed "The King of Hearts."

Tensions have grown on campus as the female students fear becoming the next victim, and the male students fear being falsely accused as the killer. In the midst of all this, Gilligan falls in love with one of the girls, but lacks the confidence to pursue her.

Eventually, a new victim is discovered: a member of the Detection Club.

And the prime suspect? Detective Butler.

Gilligan refuses to believe it. With Butler as the brains and Gilligan doing the legwork, they work together to pursue the truth and catch the true killer.

The other members of the Detection Club all have secrets they want to remain hidden. Will Gilligan come to regret the truth he ends up discovering?

What are the consequences of telling comforting lies over the harsh truth?

And what are the consequences of believing them?



English (1)
2024Detective Butler and the King of Hearts

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