Edit history of Dra†KoI

v436.462019-07-22 at 10:37multiDra†KoIReverse relation update caused by revision v2016.78
v436.452018-06-15 at 00:42multiDra†KoIReverse relation update caused by revision v23196.5
v436.442018-06-14 at 22:09multiDra†KoIReverse relation update caused by revision v23196.1
v436.432017-09-25 at 07:52chipp12Dra†KoIstaff roll
v436.422016-12-24 at 07:27chipp12Dra†KoIstaff roll
v436.412016-06-12 at 12:16chipp12Dra†KoI..,
v436.402016-06-12 at 12:12chipp12Dra†KoIstaff roll
v436.392016-04-11 at 18:52chipp12Dra†KoI...
v436.382016-02-15 at 10:39ginseigouDra†KoIstaff
v436.372016-02-15 at 03:34ginseigouDra†KoIstaff
v436.362016-02-14 at 17:26traumatizerDra†KoIspace
v436.352016-02-14 at 17:23ginseigouDra†KoIstaff
v436.342016-02-14 at 16:47ginseigouDra†KoIstaff
v436.332015-12-16 at 17:36multiDra†KoIReverse relation update caused by revision v2016.45
v436.322015-11-05 at 21:03varioDra†KoI+1
v436.312015-10-30 at 01:25girlplayerDra†KoImusic
v436.302015-10-30 at 01:21girlplayerDra†KoImusic
v436.292015-07-15 at 05:34cyberslayerDra†KoIstaff
v436.282015-02-03 at 09:41moogyDra†KoIstaff
v436.272015-02-02 at 14:23shinnewDra†KoIStaff.
v436.262013-05-07 at 11:03binfujiwaraDra†KoItitle
v436.252010-07-29 at 09:55iceDra+Koiscreenshot
v436.242010-05-26 at 06:26chikanDra+Koi#8481 almost identical to #3143, replaced
v436.232010-04-20 at 12:49chikanDra+Koifixed typo
v436.222010-03-03 at 22:58eternityDra+Koisome screenshots
v436.212010-01-05 at 21:35izmosmolnarDra+Koiencubed
v436.202009-10-11 at 15:52multiDra+KoiReverse relation update caused by revision v437.13
v436.192009-07-17 at 11:31multiDra+KoiReverse relation update caused by revision v437.11
v436.182009-07-09 at 18:06singerofwDra+KoiEdited the image, because previous one had too many games that are not Dra+Koi on it.
v436.172009-07-01 at 14:30eyelessDra+Koireplaced screenshots with the same, but with proper resolution and without font troubles
v436.162009-06-29 at 06:12yorhelDra+KoiThese shots moved to v2125
v436.152009-06-29 at 05:52eyelessDra+Koidone
v436.142009-01-14 at 17:26serialiesSabato Nabe -Nitro Amusement Disc-fix'd
v436.132009-01-14 at 17:25multiSabato Nabe -Nitro Amusement Disc-Reverse relation update caused by revision v437.8
v436.122008-12-28 at 12:04serialiesSabato Nabe -Nitro Amusement Disc-fixed the description to be more accurate
v436.112008-12-27 at 13:11serialiesSabato Nabe -Nitro Amusement Disc-catergory alterations
v436.102008-12-17 at 14:06serialiesSabato Nabe -Nitro Amusement Disc-[empty]
v436.92008-12-17 at 14:06serialiesSabato Nabe -Nitro Amusement Disc-dances and dragon is the name of the soundtrack dragon love is the literal translation
v436.82008-12-17 at 06:46serialiesSabato Nabe -Nitro Amusement Disc-added alias
v436.72008-12-16 at 09:51serialiesSabato Nabe -Nitro Amusement Disc-added two H-scene screenies.
v436.62008-08-29 at 11:41maouSabato Nabe -Nitro Amusement Disc-Added screenshot-release info Kaigen deserved better....
v436.52008-08-19 at 03:28serialiesSabato Nabe -Nitro Amusement Disc-screenies and such
v436.42008-08-07 at 06:44multiSabato Nabe -Nitro Amusement Disc-Reverse relation update caused by revision v430.4
v436.32008-06-23 at 13:52echomateriaSabato Nabe -Nitro Amusement Disc-
v436.22008-03-23 at 16:16echomateriaSabato Nabe -Nitro Amusement Disc-
v436.12008-03-23 at 16:12echomateriaSabato Nabe -Nitro Amusement Disc-