Zettai Ryouiki! ~Toki o Tomeru Rape Ma~

絶対凌域! ~時を止めるレイプ魔~

TitleZettai Ryouiki! ~Toki o Tomeru Rape Ma~
Original title絶対凌域! ~時を止めるレイプ魔~
AliasesAbsolute Humiliation Area!, z-ryoiki
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Crepe


Ryuta took a part-time job as a human experiment of the new medical drugs. However, because of it, he had 2 more weeks to live. He became enraged about what happened to him. He needed an explanation from the female doctor who prescribed him with the drug. However, she completely ignored him.

At that moment, her movement stopped for a second despite her wishes. That was the exact moment when his special ability came out.

Ryuta's special ability, that is to be able to freeze the people for a certain period of time. Ryuta knew that he could get back at the doctor with his special power. He made his move. His revenge...

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