Shoin, Aruiwa Ushinawareta Yume no Monogatari.


Shoin, Aruiwa Ushinawareta Yume no Monogatari.
TitleShoin, Aruiwa Ushinawareta Yume no Monogatari.
Original title書淫、或いは失われた夢の物語。
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers Force


Two scenarios:

Shoin: You play as N, whose true identity is x, a serial rapist; with your latest job, you go to a hotel where three women, Hinata, Yukari and Misa, are staying, and you have to rape them. However, the first morning a note appears in your room, from somebody who claims to be x.

Ushinawareta Yume no Monogatari: The protagonist Akira is staying in a hotel with his friend from college Misa, and along with two other women, Hinata and Yukari. A morning, when they wake up, they discover that they have been closed off from the outer world, and they are left with a message saying that they will be trapped "until the winter comes".