Oyako Ninjutsu Kunoichi PonPon!!


Oyako Ninjutsu Kunoichi PonPon!!
TitleOyako Ninjutsu Kunoichi PonPon!!
Original title母娘妊術くのいちPonPon!!
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Flap
Shares characters
Kozukuri Onsen ~Ippai Tsukutte Ichizo...


During the Sengoku Era of Japan, Tsubaki is a kunoichi (female ninja). When she fails her mission and gets injured, Kotarou, the second son of the lord she was set to kill, takes her to his house and takes care of her. She is impressed with his kindness and falls in love with him. One day, another kunoichi, Kikyou, comes to his house. Actually, Kikyou is Tsubaki's daughter. Tsubaki says to him, "Please accept Kikyou as your wife...."

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Miyashiro Kotarou宮代 虎太郎 
Hair, Brown, Short
Personality, Kind
Role, Father, Husband, Lonely, Son, Younger Brother


Kotaru is the second child of lord Miyashiro. At first Tasubaki was sent to kill him but after she was injured he hide her and treated her wound. Due to this she fell in love with him due to his kindness.