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Limits of Sky

Limits of SkySafe / Tame
Limits of Sky
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperInceton Games NTR
PublishersInceton Games NTR


Unlike most people, Sky’s life was marked by tragedy at a young age.

Suddenly forced to spend her waking hours overwhelmed with study and work, her days became a grey blur. After several years of painstaking efforts, Sky had finally finished college. Wanting to celebrate this joyous occasion, Margot - Sky's best friend - barely manages to drag Sky out of her hidey-hole and into a world of frivolous fun.

Though, tragedy isn’t the same as lightning and it likes to strike the same person twice.​

[From F95Zone]


English (1)
2023-06-0518+Limits of Sky: Episodes 1-3
Russian (1)
2023-08-1218+Limits of Sky: Episodes 1-4 (unofficial)

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Limits of Sky: Episodes 1-3

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