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Miko-san to Issho! ~Ikenai Gohoushi Funsenki~


TitleMiko-san to Issho! ~Ikenai Gohoushi Funsenki~
Original title巫女さんといっしょ!~イケナイご奉仕奮戦記~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperScore [Shukoa!]
PublishersScore [Shukoa!] & Dennou Club
Shops» JP¥ 5029 @ DLsite


After their parents died, Shinichirou is managing a shinto shrine together with Ayano and Shino,his younger sisters. One day while he is trying to pacify his quarreling younger sisters, he accidentally hit a sacred relic and causes to disturb the slumber of the enshrined goddess. Enraged by the interruption, the furious goddess brandishes the blade of her sword. While trying to protect his precious family, Shinichirou sacrifices himself shielding his younger sisters with his own body and receives the fateful blow from the raging divine being. No wound is made but his soul is gone, he looses consciousness, his heart stops, and then he finally di... No, he lives! His ecchi life is just about to begin.

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Matsunami Shin'ichirou松波 信一郎
BodyPale, Teen
RoleOlder Brother, Shinto Priest


A young man who works at a Shinto shrine as a Priest, along with his two younger Miko sisters. In an attempt to protect his sisters from the vengeful goddess, his soul ends up being destroyed, but his body is intact. As a side effect, he becomes flared with libido frequently.

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