Sensei o Haramaseyo! ~Hiyoko no Noroi de Toumeika Suru Ore!?~


TitleSensei o Haramaseyo! ~Hiyoko no Noroi de Toumeika Suru Ore!?~
Original title先生を孕ませよう!~ひよこの呪いで透明化する俺!?~
AliasesImpregnate Sensei! ~I'm Cursed With Invisibility!?~
DeveloperLilith Soft
Publishers Lilith Soft
Side story
Lilith-Izm05 ~Tairyou Shasei Hen~


Terutoshi awakens a spirit when he kills a baby bird on the way to school. To right the wrong and fulfill its dream of growing up and bearing offspring, the spirit curses Terutoshi with a task: to impregnating another person. Branded with the spirit's seal, his best and only choice now is to fornicate with Ms. Sayumi, his teacher.

But there is a special effect of the curse: when Terutoshi thinks of any erotic act, he becomes transparent!!
To regain opacity he must travel the campus unseen to target Sayumi, having sex with her during class, during breaktime, and so on!

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