Age Maniax ~Isumi Yon Shimai Saigo no Hi~

アージュマニアックス ~伊隅四姉妹最期の日~

Age Maniax ~Isumi Yon Shimai Saigo no Hi~
TitleAge Maniax ~Isumi Yon Shimai Saigo no Hi~
Original titleアージュマニアックス ~伊隅四姉妹最期の日~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers Age
Shares characters
D ~Sono Keshiki no Mukougawa~
Kaseki no Uta
Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu ~Primary~
Rasen Kairou


One day protagonist meets with four sisters, who due to certain events starts living in his house. But he has to go to Europe to follow a story, and they decide to go together with him. They make reservations in an old castle which had reports of a princess' ghost, a legendary wolf, a lake monster and a crashed UFO surrounding it. And this is not even the beginning of the events to unfold around the sisters ...

[Translated From Getchu]

A crossover between multiple age works released in 2000.

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Main characters

Charlotte Yutirainen
Charlotte Yutirainenシャルロット ユーティライネン 
Voiced byTenjin Umi
Hibino Shouko
Hibino Shouko日比野 照子 
Voiced bySumoto Ayana
Isumi Akira
Isumi Akira伊隅 あきら 
Voiced byMurai Shizuyo
Isumi Marika
Isumi Marika伊隅 まりか 
Isumi Michiru
Isumi Michiru伊隅 みちる 
Voiced byTenjin Umi
Isumi Yayoi
Isumi Yayoi伊隅 やよい 
Meru Fon De Graff
Meru Fon De Graffメル ファン デ グラーフ 
Voiced byFujishiro Sarasa

Side characters

Voiced byKojima Chiaki
Voiced byHinata Aoi
Mirhi Mikeshu
Mirhi Mikeshuミルヒ ミケシュ 
Voiced byMurai Shizuyo
Mizushiro Aoi
Mizushiro Aoi水代 葵 
Voiced byHokuto Minami
Voiced byMishima Yuki