Onna Kyoushi Yuuko "Watashi, Mou... Kono Kyoushitsu kara Nukedasenai no...?"


TitleOnna Kyoushi Yuuko "Watashi, Mou... Kono Kyoushitsu kara Nukedasenai no...?"
Original title女教師・ゆうこ「ワタシ、もう…この教室から抜け出せないの…?」
DeveloperLune Team Bitters
Publishers Lune
Shops» JP¥ 13200 @ DLsite (jpn) (bundle)


The new teacher has been forced to transfer from her first job at an elite private school in the city to a local one closer to where she lives. It doesn’t seem to faze her much; she has become a fairly popular teacher due to her good looks and city flair. Of course there is something much darker behind her transfer (it would hardly be an eroge without, right?). It just so turns out that she was being stalked at her previous school, but couldn’t figure out who was behind it. Feeling helpless, she transferred to get away from the fear and paranoia (besides the fact that the educational institution didn’t want to be marred by any police investigation). She has caught the eye of a popular honor student as well, and wouldn’t you know, he’s a self-admitted stalker (and our protagonist). Upon searching some of the underground internet sites, he spots some candid pictures of his new teacher. It would appear that things won’t end exactly as planned for our young heroine.

[Vague Game Description by White Masq]


Main characters

Side characters

Kamata Atsuo
Kamata Atsuo鎌田 篤夫 
MeasurementsHeight: 186cm, Weight: 86kg
Hair, Black, Crew Cut, Short
Eyes, Black
Body, Adult, Tall
Clothes, Tracksuit
Items, Whistle
Role, PE Teacher
Sawai Yutaka
Sawai Yutaka沢井 穣 
MeasurementsHeight: 182cm, Weight: 67kg
Hair, Blond, Shoulder-length
Eyes, Amber
Body, Teen
Role, Classmate, Delinquent, High School Student