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Original titleKA・SU・MI
AliasesKA-SU-MI, かすみ
DeveloperScramble House
PublishersScramble House


Ippei Matsuba has had a lot of complicated family problems; he returns to his hometown after a 3-year absence to become a dependent of the Matsuba household. As he finishes unpacking one night, he looks up at the night sky and happens to see the retreating figure of a ninja. The following day, he attends his new school, only to find out that he had actually seen the mysterious phantom thief of the harbor; the whole school is talking about it. Ippei meets Kasumi Shiranami, the class president. She bustles about trying to take care of him, and he inwardly begins to fall for her.
Ippei happens to see the phantom thief again, and this time, decides to follow and discover the identity of the thief. As he closes in on the phantom, he is discovered and the thief gets away. He notices that the thief looks a lot like a certain girl he knows.
The stage for this game is set in our hero's hometown, Fujimi Machi. As you move your map around, you proceed by making contact with various girls. The map not only helps you locate girls, it will also help guide you in conversations with them. Being "kind" is the key to succeeding. You can't help but get some great action being this kind!

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    Akiyama TsutsujiMain character
    Matsuba BotanMain character
    Matsuba YuzuMain character
    Natsume ChidoriMain character
    Shiranami KasumiMain character

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