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True Love Story Summer Days, and yet...

TitleTrue Love Story Summer Days, and yet...
Aliasesトゥルーラブストーリー サマーデイズS, トゥルーラブストーリー サマーデイズ アンド イエット...
DeveloperGame Club
Same series
True Love Story 3
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Related anime[DB-ANN] True Love Story Summer Days, and yet... (OVA, 2003)


Morisaki Yuuta moved into the city after his mother's death with his older sister; Ruri and attended the same highschool. In the school corridor, he bumped into a student in the name of Kusunose Hina who participates in the Tennis Club. From that moment onward, Yuuta remembered his childhood promise he made to the girl whom he used to play with when his mother was still alive.

[From ANN]

Main characters

Birthday7 December
Voiced byKadowaki Mai


Secret character.

Arimori Hitomi有森 瞳美
Birthday12 March
Voiced byKakazu Yumi
Mukai Yako向井 弥子
Birthday8 May
Voiced byOrikasa Fumiko
Voiced byMorota Kaoru


The protagonist's older sister.

Side character

Momochi Seitarou百道 誠太郎
Voiced byNaruse Makoto


The protagonist's classmate and best friend.