Aitakute... ~Your Smiles in My Heart~

あいたくて… 〜your smiles in my heart〜

Aitakute... ~Your Smiles in My Heart~
TitleAitakute... ~Your Smiles in My Heart~
Original titleあいたくて… 〜your smiles in my heart〜
Publishers Konami
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You're in tenth grade, your parents are out of the country for a year, and your new private school has affairs of the heart as a major elective. If that isn't reason enough to get chummy with the opposite sex, you're also a teenage male, and your father has decided that he'll find you a "really nice" girlfriend if you can't do it yourself. Throw in the fact that the only person you know at this new school is a Casanova who turned down a top-ten prep school because it wasn't coed, and one has the ingredients for a good old-fashioned romance sim.

As Ichinose Sinya, the player examines a variety of sloe-eyed high school girls through his daily interactions with them in the school environment. Once their characters, dispositions, and interest (or lack thereof) in the player become more clear through their own statements and interactive events, the pursuit phase begins.

The first goal -- one that is traditionally laid out as the be-all and the end-all in romance sims -- is to make yourself agreeable to the girl and eventually ask her out on a date. The tedious details of daily life can be taken care of selecting "Everyday Goals" in the auto-play configuration. Personality parameters can be adjusted either to the player's tastes or some chosen girl's preferences. For the more important things, manual play mode will allow the player to arrange the hot date by phoning to ask a girl out, reserving concert tickets, and buying presents. The player can also stake out a nice romantic spot or find a part-time job to pay for all this extravagance.

Unlike most romance sims, Aitakute's game play extends beyond the actual asking out. The player can take his (or her) new girlfriend to a café, karaoke bar, or a pretty hillside and do most of the things that typically happen on a date, whether it be talking or kissing. One wrong comment or an inappropriate choice of venue could sour the event, however, and the player is left to attempt damage control.

The major hallmark of success in this game is something quite unlikely: nicknames. The player selects a nickname to be given to Shinya by one of the girls on the first day of school, and as Shinya builds a more intimate relationship with whomever the woman of his choice may be, she will start to refer to him by that name. Conversely, the woman will also allow Shinya the privilege of calling her by a pet name.



1997-11-27All ages  Aitakute...Your Smiles in My Heart - Oroshitate no DiaryNon-freeCommercial1 CDA couple of years before Konami released the Aitakute game, they released this preview + actual diary to introduce gamers to a new dating challenge. Package includes diary book and a preview disc. 

(from NCSX) 1 
2000-03-16All ages  Aitakute...Your Smiles in My HeartFully voicedStory: Simple animationsNon-freeCommercial4 CDs  


Character summary

Main character Aihara Hibiki
Voiced by Hanba Tomoe
Main character Endou Kanako
Voiced by Satou Mikako
Main character Hayase Suzuko
Main character Hoshino Emi
Voiced by Kikuchi Shouko
Main character Irie Risa
Voiced by Asano Mayumi
Main character Kusunoki Tomomi
Main character Machida Matsuko
Voiced by Okamoto Shouko
Main character Ninomiya Asako
Voiced by Asaki Mai
Main character Ninomiya China
Voiced by Kawasumi Ayako
Main character Oono Wakaba
Voiced by Arakawa Minako
Main character Shinjou Aya
Main character Shinozaki Yurika
Voiced by Iijima Kyouko
Main character Watase Michiru
Voiced by Yukino Satsuki
Main character Yanahara Kasumi
Voiced by Kawasaki Eriko
Side character Miyoshi Naoto
Voiced by Taniyama Kishou

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  Aitakute...Your Smiles in My Heart

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