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Futarijime ~Osananajimi to Natsu to Imouto~


TitleFutarijime ~Osananajimi to Natsu to Imouto~
Original titleふたりじめ~幼なじみと夏と義妹~
Shops» JP¥ 1466 @ DLsite


Last summer the hero of this game went on summer vacation and got to know a beautiful classmate of his better. Whether or not the attraction was mutual; within the short time they spent together he confessed his love to her. Now the hero is in his senior year in high school when his parent (don’t know which one) remarries and lo and behold; his new step-sister is the same girl he confessed to just a year ago--awkward. Now summer vacation has come again and our hero is considering his feelings not just for this girl, but her sister as well--despite the taboo.

[Vague Game Description by White Masq]