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Leather and Madness

Leather and MadnessSafe / Tame (12)
Leather and Madness
Play timeUnknown


"Leather and Madness" is a visual novel. You play as a young gay man who decides to embrace his sexuality and explore the world of leather clubs. He soon discovers a mysterious and unsettling presence within the club, which seems to be linked to the ancient and otherworldly entity known as Cthulhu.

As you navigate the club scene, you'll meet a variety of different men, each with their own unique personalities and backgrounds. Some will be friendly and welcoming, while others will be more guarded or even outright hostile. As you get to know these men and form romantic connections with them, you'll also begin to uncover the secrets lurking within the club.

Strange occurrences will become more and more frequent as you progress through the game, and it becomes clear that something dark and dangerous is at play. You'll need to use your wits and your charm to investigate the mysteries of the club and unravel the truth behind the sinister presence that haunts it.

Along the way, you'll also need to balance your personal life with your new experiences in the leather club. You'll need to navigate the challenges of dating and maintaining relationships while also keeping your newfound lifestyle a secret from those who might judge or harm you for it.

Will you be able to solve the mysteries of the leather club and find true love in the process? Or will the dark powers that lurk within the club consume you and everyone you care about? The choice is yours in "Leather and Madness."



English (1)
2024-03-1218+Leather and Madness (drm-free)

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