Dead of the Brain ~Day of the Living Dead~


Dead of the Brain ~Day of the Living Dead~
TitleDead of the Brain ~Day of the Living Dead~
Original titleDEAD OF THE BRAIN ~死霊の叫び~
Aliasesデッド・オブ・ザ・ブレイン, Dead of the Brain ~Shiryou no Sakebi~, デッドオブザブレイン
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers IDES & NEC Home Electronics
 Retronomicon Games
Dead of the Brain 2
Same series
Marine Philt


First part of the Nightmare Collection with Marine Philt and Dead of the Brain 2.

A survival horror adventure game. You take the role of a young man named Kohl who must survive a nightmarish zombie infestation thanks in no small part to his old friend Doctor Cooger. When facing the zombie enemies a timer will come up and you will have a limited amount of time to figure out how to get rid of them before they get you.

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Makes an appearance

Jack Keithman
Jack Keithmanジャック キースマン 
Hair, Blond, Curly, Moustache, Short
Body, Pale, Young-adult
Clothes, Police Officer Uniform
Personality, Watashi
Role, Police, Zombie
Engages in, Investigation
Subject of, Coercion, Death, Resurrection
Engages in (Sexual), Not Sexually Involved


A police officer from the 16th precinct that happens to be responding to a noise complaint coming from Cooger's house.