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Gall Force - Eternal Story

ガルフォース Eternal Story

Gall Force - Eternal Story
TitleGall Force - Eternal Story
Original titleガルフォース Eternal Story
Aliasesガルフォース ~創世の序曲~
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperMicro Cabin & ScapTrust
Publishers ScapTrust
LinksWikipedia (en), Wikipedia (ja), Wikidata, MobyGames, GameFAQs
Related anime[DB-ANN] Gall Force: Eternal Story (Movie, 1986)


Two advanced civilizations, the Paranoids (a race of alien humanoids) and the Solenoids (an all-female race) are waging a war that has gone on for centuries. When the Solenoid fleet leaves a battle to defend an experimentally terraformed world from the Paranoids, one damaged Solenoid ship, the Star Leaf, is separated from the fleet.

Only seven women remain alive on that ship: Eluza, the captain, Rabby, the take charge character, Lufy, the brash pilot, Catty, the mysterious science officer, Pony, the pink-haired ditzy tech, Patty, a solid crew member, and Remy, the cute one.

After narrowly escaping the battle, the crew of the Star Leaf decides to continue with their orders and rendezvous at planet Chaos to defend it. It turns out, however, that their ship is the subject of a Paranoid experiment. In the end, it is up to the remaining crew of the Star Leaf to defend the artificial paradise of Chaos from the Paranoid fleet and the plans of the Solenoid leaders.

[taken from AniDB]


1986-12-10  Gall Force - Eternal StoryNon-freeCommercial
1987-03All ages Gall Force - Eternal StoryNon-freeCommercial3 FloppiesX1/X1turbo version
1987-07-01All ages  Gall Force - Eternal StoryNon-freeCommercial3 Floppies
1987-09-16All ages  Gall Force - Eternal StoryNon-freeCommercial1 Floppy
1987-12All ages Gall Force - Eternal StoryNon-freeCommercial3 FloppiesFM-7 version

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  Gall Force - Eternal Story

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