Love Hina - Smile Again

ラブひな スマイル・アゲイン

Love Hina - Smile Again
TitleLove Hina - Smile Again
Original titleラブひな スマイル・アゲイン
Publishers Sega
Same series
Love Hina: Totsuzen no Engage Happening
Related anime[DB-ANN] Love Hina (2000)


Gameplay is mostly just dialogue, but it has a few mini-games and the storyline can be changed based on a luck system. You take control over Keitaro and talk with the girls in Hinata House. Game starts with a menu screen, where you can choose between Story mode, Message Cards or Gallery Mode (Purikura). The story mode has 9 chapterss; Naru's Story, Mutsumi's Story, Motoko's Story, Kitsune's Story, Suu's Story, Shinobu's Story, Muzuho's Story, Bonus Story and Omake.
Omake is the last chapter and you can only unlock it if you get a 100% score on the Story mode by completing the other chapters. Each chapter turns into a gold colored square when you have completed it.

Lucky Roulette
The player has to be lucky in order for the storyline to progress without problems. Between scenarios, the player must spin a wheel which has x's and o's on it. If you are lucky, you will land on an "o" and the storyline will continue without problems. If you are unlucky, you get an "x" and the storyline will take a turn for the worse.

Purikura (Gallery)
Based on Keitaro's Print Club book, this is the gallery in the game. When you win a picture anytime in the game, it will automaticly appear in the gallery.

Message Cards
Each girl has certain message cards which are located throughout the Hinata House. If the player obtains them all, his ranking with that girl will increase.

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