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Bounty Hunter Sara: Holly Mountain no Teiou

バウンティハンターサラ ホーリーマウンテンの帝王

バウンティハンターサラ ホーリーマウンテンの帝王
Bounty Hunter Sara: Holly Mountain no Teiou
Play timeUnknown
PublishersCAPCOM Co., Ltd.

Critical Bullet: 7th Target


In the year 2060, Neo Tokyo overflows with the criminal element and it's a thug life for many up 'n coming miscreants. The police force can't cope and resorts to doling out mercenary work to enterprising freelance contractors who have the resources to kneecap goons who are dignified only by the warrants on their heads.

As Sara Fitzgerald, you play the part of a bounty hunter who takes on high-risk assignments to earn the almighty dollar. The game focuses on your mission to take down the Lord of Holly Mountain, a feared gangster, by going through his ranks and making the right decisions when facing a dicey scenario.